ॐ पूर्णमद पूर्णमिदं पूर्णात् पूर्णम् उदच्यते।
पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय् पूर्णमेवावसिष्यते। ॐ शान्ति:। शान्ति:। शान्ति:॥
‘That’ is perfact; ‘this’ is perfect! What comes from such perfection is again purely perfect! What remains if the perfection is negated is yet again perfect. May there be peace, peace, perfect peace…
Beyond Horizons

Beyond Horizons Health And Social circle (BHHAS) An organization with a difference

“We are BHHAS.

We are here to heal, to educate, to serve nature. We are here for health, Ayurveda, Yoga, and environment.

We are a network of young doctors, Ayurvedic physicians and enthusiasts who volunteer our expertise and time to heal disadvantaged communities. We are passionate about the environment and applying the ancient wisdom and insight of Ayurveda to save lives and regenerate communities with a difference.

We provide medical care and health education in India and across the globe.

Beyond Horizons Health And Social circle (BHHAS)

Ayurveda offers a relatively inexpensive solution to many acute and chronic diseases as well as simple constructive methods of preventing illness.

We want to make sure the legacy and complete medical system of Ayurveda which originated in India more than 4 thousand years ago, continues to heal millions of men, women and children today – regardless of their social status, gender, place of birth or income.

We need your help.”

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“Please contribute whatever you can afford to help us continue to deliver medical aid and knowledge to the remotest societies, poorest villages, to serve and save Mother Nature.”

Where do my donations go?

  • BHHAS and Dr. Rakshe undertake various programs throughout the year:
  • Health education Programs
  • Public programs like lectures, gatherings, free workshops, presentations, education trips
  • Free health check up camps
  • Free Ayurvedic medicines distribution
  • Free programs for Ayurveda students and enthusiasts
  • Various initiatives for saving and serving Mother Nature
  • Initiatives for saving endangered herbs and native plant species
  • Research, awareness and rehabilitation for diseases like AIDS, Hemi/Paraplegia, Cancers, MDR TB, Addictions etc

How can I donate?

  • Send us an e-mail about what you can contribute
  • Send financial support: You can transfer the funds directly to BHAAS account from any country.
  • Overseas donors can send funds in Euros or U.S. Dollars
  • Don’t worry if you can contribute a little. Donations as less as EUR 50 or USD 100 are welcome.
  • On receipt of the donations, you will receive a ‘BHHAS membership card’ (For One year), A letter of gratitude, A Certificate and a special discount for the courses or programs!

Mail us today! Share! Contribute! Make a difference!!