दक्षस्तीर्थार्थशास्त्रार्थो दृष्टकर्मा शुचिर्भिषक्।
A good vaidya (Doctor of Medicine) is alert, wise, learned and pure.
(Ashtang Hridayam: Chapter 1 Verse 1)
Dr. Sarika Rakshe

Dr. Sarika Rakshe M.B.B.S., D.C.H., M.D. (Paediatrics)

Children's Specialist

She was born in Nasik, the spiritual capital of Maharashtra on 29 April 1981.

After securing 98% in Higher Secondary Board Examination, She completed MBBS from India‘s ace medical institutes ‘Seth Gowardhandas Sunderdas Medical College’ and ‘King Edward Memorial Hospital, Mumbai’.

She worked as a medical Officer at the primary health center Run by the state government health department to serve the people from rural parts around Pune.

She has worked as a research co-ordinator for the phase 3 trial in Juvenile Dibetes, with a United States based drug research institute for the monoclonal antibodies - Taplizumap.

She worked over three years at the Ruby Hall Clinic, the best tertiary health center in Maharashtra.

She has completed Postgraduate Diploma (D.C.H.) and Master’s Degree (M.D.) in paediatrics. She is working as a children's specialist at her Karvenagar clinic.

She is a panel consultant and visiting children's specialist at Sanjeevan Hospital, Shashwat Hospital, Lodha Hospital, Bhagirathi Hospital and Subudh Hospital.

Her series of articles-'Balasobat vaadhtaana' (Growing with the baby) in popular Marathi daily 'Sakal' was liked and widely appeciated by mothers, doctors and experts. She writes regularly in many other publications including Deerghayu Annual Diwali issue.

In search of a happy and healthy world, she believes a child is the most important key.

Her efforts at the NICU and PICU have not just saved a number of lives, but have created a novel protocol in paediatric emergency management for the Institute.

Besides paediatric health; congenital anomalies, critical illnesses in newborn and paediatric intensive care are her specialities.

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Counselling to mothers and 'would be' parents about baby care, food, vaccines, nourishment, diet and recipes.